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Job Oppurtunities


  • To assist the Project Manager, Project-In-Charge and other personnel at the job site for the smooth operation of the projects involved
  • To prepare correspondences of the office for its different projects as per instruction.
  • To place and answer calls and relay information to Project Manager, Project-in-Charge and to concerned parties.
  • To encode different requirements of the projects involved and of the Engineering Department, Costing Department and Accounting Department.
  • To maintain a systematic filing of the project’s documents, projects reports, company documents, and others.
  • To receive and dispatch mails, parcels and other documents for all the projects of the company upon request and maintain a logbook of such for control and information reference for all projects.
  • To prepare notices and minutes as per instruction of the Management for all projects of the company.
  • To disseminate official company procedures, memorandums, announcements, and all other information for dissemination to employees
  • Work orders will be as per advice of any TCC superior to determine work requirement

Education: College Level/Graduate
Experience: With or without experience
Training: With or without training
Skills: Computer Literate, Good communication ,demonstrate understanding of
and commitment to quality and customer service


  • Involve in planning, organizing and implementing safety programs in compliance with state, federal, safety, health and fire codes.
  • Responsible for preventing dangers, accidents and safety hazards within a particular area.
  • Interpret and evaluate compliance with safety codes.
  • Develop, recommend and implement health and safety policies.
  • Review construction plans for new or existing buildings to ensure compliance with safety codes.
  • Coordinate with engineers, architects and construction team to discuss safety precautions;
  • Monitor safety inspection programs;
  • Supervise activities of health and safety specialists;
  • Develop health and safety educational programs for safety awareness, among others.

Education: College level or Graduate
Experience: With or without experience
Training: With COSH OR BOSH training,First Aid Training
Skills: Ability to communicate and relate well with key opinion leaders and clinical personnel, computer literate


  • Receive, store, and issue materials, equipment, and other items from stockroom, warehouse, or storage yard. Keep records and compile stock reports.
  • Responsible for receiving, stocking and helping to organize the warehouse.
  • Compile lists to make sure that the inventory is at the proper level on a weekly basis.
  • Receive and count stock items, and record data manually or using computer.
  • Pack and unpack items to be stocked on shelves in stockrooms, warehouses, or storage yards.
  • Store items in an orderly and accessible manner in warehouses, tool rooms, supply rooms, or other areas.
  • Clean and maintain supplies, tools, equipment, and storage areas in order to ensure compliance with safety regulations.
  • Prepare and maintain records and reports of inventories, price lists, shortages, shipments, expenditures, and goods used or issued.
  • Issue or distribute materials, products, parts, and supplies to customers or co-workers, based on information from incoming requisitions.
  • Determine proper storage methods, identification, and stock location based on turnover, environmental factors, and physical capabilities of facilities
  • Direct coordination to Purchasing Manager with regards to materials received and delivered.

Education: High School, College level or College Graduate
Experience: With or without experience
Training: With or without training
Skills: Able to organize merchandise properly, able to create logs and maintain documents


  • Implement strategic plans, supervises quality assurance personnel
  • Responsible for budgets and allocating resources for a quality assurance division or branch.
  • Provide procedural guidance to various processes within the organization concerning quality control and testing.
  • Authority to approved testing results by QA personnel.
  • Supervises daily activities of a quality assurance branch or division. This includes creation, review or revision of policies that affect processes in a working environment.
  • Responsible for creating audit programs to review various processes in a work environment to ensure standards are being followed.
  • Coordinates with other managers to discuss quality control standards according to their function within the organizational chart of organization.
  • Constantly meets with senior management and responds to managers needing assistance with their quality control programs.
  • Inspect the physical samples and formulate policies concerning improvement of the present quality standards.

Education: College level or Graduate of Engineering course
Experience: With or without experience
Training: With or without training
Skills: Computer literate, strong verbal communication, estimate, familiarity of testing method related


  • Responsible for the preparation of shop drawing and as-built drawing of the Project Works.
  • Report to the Project-in-Charge and Project Manager.
  • Technical and logistic support to the CAD supervisor.
  • Supervision of AutoCAD services.
  • Preparation of all shop drawings intended for the project.
  • Update all construction drawings as per Construction Bulletin & RFI’s.
  • Preparation of As-built Drawings as early as possible.
  • Maintain all files & documentation to report to the Project Manager from time to time.

Education: College level or Graduate
Experience: With or without experience
Training: With or without training
Skills: Proficient in computer drawing (CAD), basic knowledge in geometric construction, architectural terms and other related drafting procedures and processes.


  • Responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of Construction Process.
  • Ensures that the Construction Management Plan is accurately followed.
  • Oversees the overall flow of the Construction Project including Project Schedule, Manpower, Budget, Quality Workmanship, etc.
  • Ensures that appropriate action on Punch lists, Delayed Schedule, Inspection Results, Customer Complaints, Audit Results, etc. are taken promptly.
  • Reviews and monitors the effectiveness of the actions taken.
  • Checks and reviews all correspondence, documents and other documented transactions pertaining to TCC Project, ensuring that the best interest of the company is always considered.
  • Supervises the strict implementation of company’s administrative rules and regulations.
  • Create Safety Awareness among personnel by promoting Safety Meetings, Safety Training, Safety Programs, etc.
  • Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the President/Management

Education Graduate of Engineering or Architecture
Experience: With at least 5 years experience of construction works related
Training: With PRC license(CE,ME,EE,ARCH,MP)
Skills: Computer Literate, Cad, estimate of related works, very good communication skills, analytical and problem solving, decision making skills, team player


  • Receive and sort all request forms given for the day.
  • To coordinate and ask quotations of materials from suppliers.
  • Arrange and advise the supplier on the schedule of delivery of site materials.
  • Is liable in the safety and handling of received materials delivered to office.
  • Inspect and check the correctness of all materials received based on the specifications.
  • Prepare transmittal/receiving copy of materials for site delivery.
  • Coordinate route of assigned driver for delivery of materials at various site projects.
  • Make a monthly report on monitoring of materials from each project basing on Purchase Orders, Bill of Quantities, and transmittal/receiving/delivery receipt.
  • File, organize and arrange important documents.

Education: College Graduate or Associate Course
Experience: With or without experience
Training: With or without training
Skills: Computer Literate


  • To assist the Project manager in the supervision, inspection and implementation of a sub-con’s work as per scope of work specified in the contract (e.g. electrical, mechanical, and civil architectural, plumbing, sanitary, instrumentation, fire protection, etc.)Work orders will be as per advice of any TCC superior to determine work requirement.
  • To act as Project-In-Charge in the absence of the Project Manager
  • To attend to project meetings in the absence of/ or upon instruction of the Project manager
  • To prepare technical writing reports on works accomplished, change orders, or additional specification requirements.
  • To prepare daily and periodic work schedules using the Bar Chart, S-Curve, Pert, and CPM.
  • To prepare submittals of samples and brochures of materials prior to approval of designer.
  • To do cost estimates, Bill of quantities, and Bill of Materials.
  • To address and/ or report to the Project Manager concerns, problems, suggestions, and other relevant matters pertinent to the effectiveness of work and satisfaction of the client.
  • To conduct such tests as necessary (leak test, pressure test, smoke test, etc) and thereafter prepare reports for testing done.
  • To prepare the accomplishment Report for progress billing.
  • To monitor the status of collection of project billings/ receivables.
  • To collate all contract close-out requirements upon completion of the project.
  • To report to the Project Manager form time to time.

Education: College Graduate of Engineering or Architecture Course
Experience: With at least 2 years’ experience of Construction related works
Training: With or without Training
Skills: Computer literate, estimator, Cad, good written & verbal communication, team leader. Other tasks as per advice of any TCC superior to determine work requirement.

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